Facebook Likes

Social media is widely used and Facebook is undoubtedly the largest website of social networking. For most of the users, Facebook number of followers or friends emphasizes the trust and makes people feel good about potential customers and web site’s first visitor. There are now an estimated 40 million small businesses using Facebook to promote their brand and connect with their customers. WorldLabour is recruiting Facebook users and our ultimate objective is to supply digital work as an alternative source of income. WorldLabour allows our users to earn money primarily by doing Facebook likes on post, photos and pages.

How to do Facebook Likes

With the WorldLabour platform, easy micro-task such as “Like” on social media accounts are supported. Our partners have clients who buy Facebook Likes. This micro-task of Facebook Likes is made available to our users if they choose to take part. Our users would register and sign in on Facebook and follow the instructions on this platform. It will be paid to our users once the customer checks the task. Micro-tasks like using a Facebook platform are finalized and thus paid very little. However, it is possible to complete multiple times to “Like” a Facebook post so that money can be added very rapidly.

Why Our Clients Buy Facebook Likes

A huge number of Facebook Likes show others the popularity of a page as well as show more user engagement. Our clients are more confident when advertising their products when they have numerous Likes. In addition, just by the number of Likes, people can tell a lot about a company. When people see a brand that has been online for years and doesn’t have many Likes, it will definitely indicate a problem. If a new user enters their page for the first time, a decent number of “Likes” will show the user that people are interested in their page. Furthermore, when a person “Like” their page, it will be shown as a recommendation to other people in the circle of friends, who may have the same interests. When other people tend to Like their post, this will simply boost the number of Facebook Likes.