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Globalisation has enabled big corporations to spread their production around the world, dividing and ruling workers in those countries. The lack of basic democratic rights and low wages means there is a need for an alternative path for these workers. The aim of WorldLabour is to provide an alternative source of income via digital work. WorldLabour allows our users to earn money primarily by writing reviews for products and services. These reviews are written on Amazon, Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp and other online platforms. Our users can earn between $1 to $10 per review and reviews can be completed within minutes.

At WorldLabour, our platform goes beyond traditional roles, offering a diverse array of tasks, including micro-tasks, to our engaged user base. We are currently seeking to expand our team by recruiting talented financial analysts. These professionals will play a crucial role in analyzing financial data, trends, and market conditions to provide valuable insights and recommendations. As part of our dynamic team, financial analysts will have the opportunity to contribute to strategic decision-making processes and enhance our platform’s capabilities. The tasks assigned to financial analysts may vary, ranging from portfolio management and risk analysis to quantitative modeling. We invite skilled individuals with a strong analytical background to join us, where they can leverage their expertise and contribute to the growth and success of WorldLabour. If you are passionate about finance and eager to be part of an innovative and collaborative environment, we encourage you to explore the exciting opportunities available on our platform.

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