Occupy Central on 15th October 2011

Occupy Central on 15th October 2011

The “OccupyWall Street” movement initiated by the American youth, and later joined by manytrade unionists and people from all walks of live, has gained increasingsocial concern and global support. On 15th October 2011, themovement is going to spread to hundreds of cities all over the world.

As an Asian financial center, Hong Kong is a key hubfor the accumulation of financial capital. Also, it serves as base for manytransnational financial institutes to carry out exploitation in the Asiancountries. The layoff of 3000 workers by the profitable HSBC is but oneexample.

The initiators of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement declare that it is a war betweenthe richest 1% and the other 99% of the people. To show our support and defendthe 99%, Left 21 hereby calls on everyone who belongs to the 99% to join the “OccupyCentral” action on 15th December. We understand that the “Occupy”movement in Hong Kong may not be on the same scale as that in the U.S., yet itserves as an important platform for social activists to explore the possibilitiesof further “Occupy” actions and anti-capitalism campaign in future.

Detailsof the “Occupy Central” Action

Date:15th October 2011
Venue:Exchange Square.Central
Activities:a forum on why “Occupy” movement and why anti-capitalism?

left21 (Napo, 66812269)